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What is Inno Setup Preprocessor?

Inno Setup Preprocessor (ISPP) is an add-on for Jordan Russell's Inno Setup compiler. More technically speaking, it is an additional layer between GUI (your Inno Setup script) and the compiler, which before passing the text intercepts and modifies it in a way it is told by using special directives in the script text.

Development status

Currently, the most recent stable version is available for download at Inno Setup site via Inno Setup QuickStart Pack.

A new version is being prepared for release. Planned timeframe is about the end of February, 2006.

This site is also under construction.

What's planned

Most wanted feature, as far as I can say, is date/time support. This feature will be implemented in prepared version.


Inno Setup QuickStart pack Setup installs help file for ISPP, as well as integrates it with the compiler IDE. See Help menu.

ISTool also supports IS. The help is available from its Help menu too.

Feature requests

If you'd like a feature to be implemented, request it via Feature Tracker.

ISPP versions and their numbering

Most recent ISPP version has a number of This was done for syncronisation of IS and ISPP versions.

Previous versions came up to 1.2.x.

Prepared version is planned to be the number of most recent IS version at the time of release and will be tagged somehow. This will help distinguish different ISPP versions. Version number (and tags in the future) can be inspected in the caption of compiler IDE, or in about boxes of IS or ISTool.


Support This Project

For the simple reason that I'm having no profit but spending money to support it being currently jobless :(, if you like and use ISPP, please consider making a donation.

It is recommended to donate as many dollars, as keystrokes ISPP saved you from making. (This is a joke :).)


Please note, that it is a legacy version that is on Sourceforge's project page. Both in Released Files, and CVS.

Source code

Source for current version is available via CVS here, in Jordan Russell's CVS repository. The repository at Sourceforge will possibly be updated when new version comes out (to conform Open Source license).


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